Show Biz Lessons On The Go!

Have to travel this holiday season? I recently went back in time to a few years ago when I was  interviewed by the great Tom Wilson (Back to the Future, Freaks and Geeks) on his podcast called Big Pop Fun. We discussed a number of essential elements regarding show business careers including Broadway, Television, Film, acting, writing and producing. If you have a long journey in your future, it’s not a bad way to spend an hour. Click the link here! And have a Happy Holiday season!Screen Shot 2018-11-25 at 7.05.42 PM

Hidden Films!

I had the pleasure of sitting down with to discuss the movie my brother and I made with all our talented friends awhile back. Read about it here.

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The Star Wars Show

Thrilled to be a guest on The Star Wars show this week.

Time to renew that Netflix Prescription!

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Got A Problem? Call Hobgoblin!


Taking advice from super villains is never a good idea, but since the Hobgoblin has reinvented himself as a good guy, I’ve decided to follow one of his entrepreneurial tips and promote my new Marvel book. It’s a three issue mini-series called AXIS: HOBGOBLIN and it has been a blast to write. Especially working with the amazingly talented Javier Rodriguez who has come up with so many great images for this book (Including the beautiful and hilarious covers like the one above.) Read more about it here and stay tuned for how you might be able to actually own of these awesome Hobgoblin T-Shirts.

Having fun @midnight

midnightAppearing on Chris Hardwick’s pop culture game show @midnight on Comedy Central with fellow Robot Chickeners Seth Green and Rachel Bloom. Catch the entire episode here.








Since taking over the reigns of Marvel’s SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN TEAM UP title last month with issue #9, I’ve had a great time contributing to the story arc of Superior Spider-Man’s fall from grace, as the ego-maniacal Spidey-Ock realizes he’s not so superior after all — The “rise” portion of the arc being written by the amazing Chris Yost, whose name (in a blow to my own ego) still graces the cover of SSMTU #10 due to an oversight on Marvel’s part. Nonetheless, the passing of the baton has gone very well (see a review of issue #9 here) and my only hope is that Marvel will accidentally put my name on the next THOR movie since Chris is also the brilliant writer behind that.

Moving forward, however, (because only the best people do) I’ll get a chance to add a storyline of my own next month by delving into the past and bringing two super-villains together who, oddly enough, have never truly appeared together since Spider-Man first swung onto the scene in 1962. Namely, the Green Goblin and Doctor Octopus. Arguably Spider-Man’s top two villains, these guys have never consciously shared the same page together (that we were aware of) yet all that will change with Superior Spider-Man Team-Up issues #11 and 12. And to mark the pivotal point at which this happens in the current Spider-Man time line, Paul Rivera has created two awesome covers that come together to create one amazing image. Read more about it here and pick up a few much needed chapters in Spider-Man’s history on comic book Wednesdays.

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