Legendary Pictures (300, The Dark Knight and Clash of the Titans) and Warner Bros. (Bugs Bunny) finally closed a deal with Toho to do another Godzilla movie. And while many will debate whether new life can (or should) be breathed into this franchise, I say bring it! The people will come, and at the very least it could (hope, hope) cleanse the palette from Roland Emmerich’s 1998 disaster the way Rocky Balboa helped us forget Rocky V. And that is probably the only time you will ever here those two movies mentioned together. (Unless, of course, that’s the plot of Godzilla.)


A good friend of mine brought this site to my attention because he knows of my affinity for historical documents, such as letters, contracts, checks, etc. signed by notable figures. Currently, I have a collection that includes a hand written letter penned by Laurence Olivier, a typed letter signed by Orson Welles and a hand written note from Charles Dickens. The latter on his actual “From the desk of…” stationary. Which brings me back to this cool site called Letterheady. It’s a collection of letterhead stationary from recognizable people and companies who have either passed on or made the inevitable switch from paper to emails.

Many of us often lament the fading out of the written word, but this is a fun way of exploring the creative ways people chose to represent themselves long before the onslaught of websites and blogs. Because, yes, even Hitler felt the need clarify exactly which Hitler you were corresponding with.


I have no idea if this movie will be any good, but I got really excited when I saw the trailer in IMAX recently. If you ask me, it’s the perfect movie to be revived. The original TRON was iconic, visually dazzling and a little bloated. Therefore, this new incarnation has a lot going for it: It’s a sequel as opposed to a remake, it can benefit from technological advances and it has Jeff Bridges recreating his original role. If they have a good script attached as well… ohhhhh man. But of course, that’s always the big question now isn’t it? Until then, enjoy the trailer. We’ve got nine months to hope and dream. (There’s a second trailer out there as well, but I like this one best.)

Joker’s Asylum

DC Comics announced today that I will be writing an issue of BATMAN: JOKER’S ASYLUM featuring the villain, Clayface. And while I know not every story can be a personal one, I’d like to point out that not only do Clayface and I share a love of acting, but we probably spend about the same amount of time with mud on our face. The issue hits stands June 30th, but they’ve already released the great cover art by Kelley Jones.

Cover Art by Kelley Jones

DC sums it up as follows: “Top creators lend their talents to a new installment of THE JOKER’S ASYLUM – a special month-long, weekly series of one-shots starring the greatest villains in Batman’s rogues gallery.
Each issue is narrated by The Joker and tells a special stand-alone story that gives readers an inside look into the insane lives of The Dark Knight’s greatest adversaries! This batch of tense tales spotlights The Riddler, Harley Quinn, Mad Hatter, Clayface and Killer Croc! Can you stand the madness?!”

A MAD look at… Sergio Aragones!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having lunch with the great cartoonist, Sergio Aragones. If you’re a fan of MAD Magazine, you are certainly aware of Sergio’s classic contributions: “A MAD look at…” and “The Shadow Knows,” just to name a few, not to mention his own, “Groo the Wanderer.” Sergio will be contributing to our upcoming MAD Magazine series, but he basically helped create the MAD tone and spirit for which we all strive to emulate.

Two-Face? Or Two-Toppings?

Found this great T-Shirt at design on Glennz, Because really, what more options do you need?

Ugly Americans Premiere

Cast of Ugly Americans

This Wednesday night, 10:30pm/9:30c, Comedy Central will premiere the new animated series I helped create called, UGLY AMERICANS. Comedy Central has done a great job promoting it, and the animation is really cool so I’m hoping it gets a good response. The particular episode that I wrote, entitled “Blob Gets Job” wont air until further down the line, but we all had a hand in shaping these characters and perfecting each script so hopefully we didn’t screw it up. No guarantees! I’ve only seen a rough animatic of my episode, but from what I can tell things seem as crazy as intended. I also lent my voice for the role of a Robert Pattinson/Twilight type character who falls in love with Kristin Wiig’s Bella-type character in episode five, so keep your eyes peeled for that one as well.

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