Comic Book Resources Interview

Comic Book Resources was good enough to invite me in for an interview about MAD, Robot Chicken, comic books and a host of other topics. If you’re not familiar with the site, it’s a great place for all your comic book news and movie updates. Check it out here. The interview is about ten minutes long. If it had gone to eleven I would have asked why they were planning on freezing on me in a way that makes me look like a mad man.

The Fabulous Flying Fat Guy

This is a story of my friend, Gary Holm, who lost 180 pounds so that he could follow his dream of skydiving on his birthday; A feat he at first was not able to do because he weighed three hundred and eighty pounds. So inspiring was his tale that CBS’ The Early Show documented the big day and shared it with their viewers. Take a look and be amazed at probably the only guy in Hollywood who did not want to make it big. Instead, he made it better.

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