First Hostess, Now Scooby Snacks

In light of losing Hostess recently, it got us to thinking that some companies are just not meant to last.

The Scooby Doo Gang’s Halloween

Why the Scooby Doo gang isn’t invited to more Halloween parties. From last year’s MAD Halloween special.

The future is looking Grimm

As a teaser for the upcoming season of GRIMM, TV Guide used a photo of my darker… or should I say, more prickly side, as evidenced by my guest spot on the episode titled “Quill.” The actual episode airs Friday, September 14th on NBC. This may wind up being my new headshot.

MAD gets its first Emmy nomination!

I’m a little late in posting this since the news came out a week ago, but MAD has been nominated for a 2012 Emmy award in the category of OUTSTANDING ANIMATED PROGRAM SHORT-FORMAT for our Halloween episode, and I couldn’t be prouder; of the cast, of the crew, of the animators and of the writers. Knowing how hard everyone works day after day leaves me little hesitation in saying it is well deserved. I was interviewed about my reaction to the nomination by both The Hollywood Reporter and Variety and the follow up question is always, “What do you think of the competition?” Which is funny because in this case they’re all friends or acquaintances. The “they” being ROBOT CHICKEN (where I continue to contribute as a writer and voice actor, although not for this particular episode.) ADVENTURE TIME and REGULAR SHOW (who share the 8 – 9 o’clock time slot with us Monday nights on Cartoon Network) and PHINEAS AND FERB (with whom I don’t actually have a relationship, but who we’ve parodied many times on MAD.) So it’s all very familial (Seth actually plays Gordon Ramsey in our nominated Kitchen Nightmare Before Christmas sketch) and the feeling is basically, “Hey, we all got a ticket to the same party!”

That being said, I hope they’ll all have the good sense to forfeit 🙂


Like a giant bat symbol in the sky, only with the silhouette of a chicken, word reached the news outlets today about the details surrounding RC/DC: our upcoming 22 minute Robot Chicken special devoted entirely to DC Comics. Like Star Wars before it, DC Comics gave us free reign to poke fun at all their beloved heroes, and I have no doubt they’ll be delighted, disgusted and definitely defiled by the results.  No one gets spared in this special. Not the regular heavy hitters nor the more obscure ones. (I’m talking to you fans of Captain Carrot, Deadman and Chill Blaine! — I’m just kidding. Chill Blaine doesn’t have any fans.)

Since leaving to create MAD, I only get the chance to reunite with my RC pals on the various specials, but this time I do it as a writer, voice actor and co-producer, although we still can’t seem to get beyond ordering lunch out of a truck. It was, however, a weird dream come true to emulate the great Ted Knight, the original Superfriends announcer, with my own, “Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice!” An iconic intro that not only sets the stage, but in this case introduces an impressive cast of celebrities voicing various heroes and villains, not to mention my own Captain Cold and Booster Gold. The special will air at the end of the summer, but you can read all about it here.

The Once & Future Podcast

My friend and fellow geek, Anton Strout, who not only is the author of the amazing Simon Canderous urban fantasy series, but also a fellow Hofstra alumn, has a great geek podcast called “The Once & Future Podcast” which he was kind enough to invite me on last week. Considering he’s known me since college, he was nice enough to leave out a lot of the embarrassing stuff, unless of course you’re like my family and consider my entire career embarrassing. Have a listen here.

Congo Maisie

This morning my wife and I discovered that not only does our daughter, Maisy, have a new favorite song, but apparently she also has the soul of a Calypso dancer. Which is appropriate considering we also found this poster to the left which may or may not explain her past life. Or at least a movie she should see someday.

The real Maisy is below in the video. Once it starts, hit the toggle at the lower right to make it full screen.





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