MAD celebrates 100 Episodes!






I am incredibly proud of this accomplishment and of the amazing team of talent that got us here. And if I haven’t bored you already than maybe you’d like to read more about it here. VIVA LA MAD!


The Superior Carnage mini-series that I’m doing for Marvel has been a blast.  I talk about it more here, but make sure you pick up the latest issue if only for the awesome artwork from Stephen Segovia brought to beautiful life by the incredible color work of Jay Ramos. And as always, Clayton Crain delivers the most gripping covers.


I’m The Droid They’re Looking For!


It will be a day long remembered! Next Wednesday, February 27th, at 7pm at Meltdown comics in Los Angeles, I will have the honor of being inducted into the legendary “501st,” a global organization which raises money for charities through it’s appreciation, celebration and awareness of STAR WARS, as displayed through it’s legion of quality-costumed SW characters. And since it took me a half hour to construct that last sentence, I will let Meltdown comics say the rest at their site here. But please, “Join me! (Said in my best Darth Vader) And we will rule the evening with helmets and guns!” Then catch the season three finale of MAD on Monday, March 4th for our reality series spoof, STAR WARS EARNED STRIPES. 8:30pm on Cartoon Network.

The future is looking Grimm

As a teaser for the upcoming season of GRIMM, TV Guide used a photo of my darker… or should I say, more prickly side, as evidenced by my guest spot on the episode titled “Quill.” The actual episode airs Friday, September 14th on NBC. This may wind up being my new headshot.

The Once & Future Podcast

My friend and fellow geek, Anton Strout, who not only is the author of the amazing Simon Canderous urban fantasy series, but also a fellow Hofstra alumn, has a great geek podcast called “The Once & Future Podcast” which he was kind enough to invite me on last week. Considering he’s known me since college, he was nice enough to leave out a lot of the embarrassing stuff, unless of course you’re like my family and consider my entire career embarrassing. Have a listen here.

Congo Maisie

This morning my wife and I discovered that not only does our daughter, Maisy, have a new favorite song, but apparently she also has the soul of a Calypso dancer. Which is appropriate considering we also found this poster to the left which may or may not explain her past life. Or at least a movie she should see someday.

The real Maisy is below in the video. Once it starts, hit the toggle at the lower right to make it full screen.





MAD gets nominated for an Annie Award!

It was announced today that MAD has been nominated for an Annie award in the category of Best General Audience Animated TV production. This is our first nomination and my hat goes off to our incredible production team. A harder working team you will not find, and the result can be seen all over our Halloween special, which is what earned us the nomination alongside such great shows as The Simpsons, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Green Lantern and Disney’s Prep and Landing to name a few. The Annie Awards will be announced February 4th, 2012. A full list of the nominees can be found here.

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