“The Examiner” Examines What It’s Like To Inflate My Ego.


Big thanks to Jeff Rivera for his flattering article in the Examiner. If only my doctor would examine me this nicely.

A Good Groundhog’s Day to have to repeat!

Last night Seth and I were presenters at the 40th Annual Annie awards, handing the award for Best Voice Acting In A Television Production to Kristen Schaal for “Gravity Falls” and Best Voice Acting in An Animated Feature to Alan Tudyk for “Wreck It Ralph.” In addition to presenting, I was also nominated against myself in the category of Best Animated Television Production, having worked on both MAD’s Halloween episode and the Robot Chicken: DC Comics special, so I knew it was going to be an awkward drive home since at least one of me was going home empty handed. As it turned out, Robot Chicken took the prize, giving us our third Annie award. All in all, a good day to have to live through again if there’s any truth to this Groundhog thing.


First Hostess, Now Scooby Snacks

In light of losing Hostess recently, it got us to thinking that some companies are just not meant to last.

The Scooby Doo Gang’s Halloween

Why the Scooby Doo gang isn’t invited to more Halloween parties. From last year’s MAD Halloween special.

MAD gets its first Emmy nomination!

I’m a little late in posting this since the news came out a week ago, but MAD has been nominated for a 2012 Emmy award in the category of OUTSTANDING ANIMATED PROGRAM SHORT-FORMAT for our Halloween episode, and I couldn’t be prouder; of the cast, of the crew, of the animators and of the writers. Knowing how hard everyone works day after day leaves me little hesitation in saying it is well deserved. I was interviewed about my reaction to the nomination by both The Hollywood Reporter and Variety and the follow up question is always, “What do you think of the competition?” Which is funny because in this case they’re all friends or acquaintances. The “they” being ROBOT CHICKEN (where I continue to contribute as a writer and voice actor, although not for this particular episode.) ADVENTURE TIME and REGULAR SHOW (who share the 8 – 9 o’clock time slot with us Monday nights on Cartoon Network) and PHINEAS AND FERB (with whom I don’t actually have a relationship, but who we’ve parodied many times on MAD.) So it’s all very familial (Seth actually plays Gordon Ramsey in our nominated Kitchen Nightmare Before Christmas sketch) and the feeling is basically, “Hey, we all got a ticket to the same party!”

That being said, I hope they’ll all have the good sense to forfeit 🙂

New York Comic Con

This is a belated posting of a New York Comic Con interview I did earlier this year, but it covers a lot of what’s currently happening on MAD as well as the Robot Chicken/DC Comics special we’re working on at the moment. From the look of things, it will not disappoint. Plus MAD has had an amazing second season so far, highlighted by our ThunderLOLcats sketch which seemed to light up the internet by going viral and our beautifully animated Halloween special which enlisted the talents of both Seth Green and Matthew Lillard. You can check them both out on iTunes, YouTube or Cartoon Network’s website.

Avenger Time

Here’s one of my favorite sketches that we’ve done at MAD so far. It’s a parody of the popular animated show “Adventure Time,” but I also tried to include a lot of fun stuff for fans of The Avengers, be it their current version or one of their many incarnations. The website Cartoon Brew was good enough to give us a shout out and pass the clip around so I figured I would do the same.

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