“The Examiner” Examines What It’s Like To Inflate My Ego.


Big thanks to Jeff Rivera for his flattering article in the Examiner. If only my doctor would examine me this nicely.

Monday Mornings premieres Monday Night on TNT

Monday Mornings

What do Alfred Molina and I have in common? Well, besides both of us being in the Robot Chicken: DC Comics special and besides the fact that we both love Raiders of the Lost Ark, we will, more importantly, both be in tonight’s episode of “Monday Mornings,” David E. Kelley’s new hospital drama airing tonight (Monday, February 4th) at 10pm on TNT. The good news is that my character comes back in a few episodes, but the great news is that Alfred Molina is a regular on the series, along with Ving Rhames, Jamie Bamber from Battlsestar Galactica and a slew of talented people including Keong Sim and Cara Pifko who I had the pleasure of sharing my scenes with. So tune in tonight and set those DVRs!


Like a giant bat symbol in the sky, only with the silhouette of a chicken, word reached the news outlets today about the details surrounding RC/DC: our upcoming 22 minute Robot Chicken special devoted entirely to DC Comics. Like Star Wars before it, DC Comics gave us free reign to poke fun at all their beloved heroes, and I have no doubt they’ll be delighted, disgusted and definitely defiled by the results.  No one gets spared in this special. Not the regular heavy hitters nor the more obscure ones. (I’m talking to you fans of Captain Carrot, Deadman and Chill Blaine! — I’m just kidding. Chill Blaine doesn’t have any fans.)

Since leaving to create MAD, I only get the chance to reunite with my RC pals on the various specials, but this time I do it as a writer, voice actor and co-producer, although we still can’t seem to get beyond ordering lunch out of a truck. It was, however, a weird dream come true to emulate the great Ted Knight, the original Superfriends announcer, with my own, “Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice!” An iconic intro that not only sets the stage, but in this case introduces an impressive cast of celebrities voicing various heroes and villains, not to mention my own Captain Cold and Booster Gold. The special will air at the end of the summer, but you can read all about it here.

New York Comic Con

This is a belated posting of a New York Comic Con interview I did earlier this year, but it covers a lot of what’s currently happening on MAD as well as the Robot Chicken/DC Comics special we’re working on at the moment. From the look of things, it will not disappoint. Plus MAD has had an amazing second season so far, highlighted by our ThunderLOLcats sketch which seemed to light up the internet by going viral and our beautifully animated Halloween special which enlisted the talents of both Seth Green and Matthew Lillard. You can check them both out on iTunes, YouTube or Cartoon Network’s website.

Avenger Time

Here’s one of my favorite sketches that we’ve done at MAD so far. It’s a parody of the popular animated show “Adventure Time,” but I also tried to include a lot of fun stuff for fans of The Avengers, be it their current version or one of their many incarnations. The website Cartoon Brew was good enough to give us a shout out and pass the clip around so I figured I would do the same.

Comic Book Resources Interview

Comic Book Resources was good enough to invite me in for an interview about MAD, Robot Chicken, comic books and a host of other topics. If you’re not familiar with the site, it’s a great place for all your comic book news and movie updates. Check it out here. The interview is about ten minutes long. If it had gone to eleven I would have asked why they were planning on freezing on me in a way that makes me look like a mad man.

Why the Justice League wont buy the new iPhone.

Because clearly it doesn’t support Flash!

(This made me chortle.) Brought to you by some clever minds.)

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