A MAD look at… Sergio Aragones!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having lunch with the great cartoonist, Sergio Aragones. If you’re a fan of MAD Magazine, you are certainly aware of Sergio’s classic contributions: “A MAD look at…” and “The Shadow Knows,” just to name a few, not to mention his own, “Groo the Wanderer.” Sergio will be contributing to our upcoming MAD Magazine series, but he basically helped create the MAD tone and spirit for which we all strive to emulate.



  1. That’s terrific!! Love that guy!

  2. awesome man – meeting a guy who was probably once on Nixon’s bloated ‘enemies list’ – not to mention Spiro Agnew’s…

  3. I loved Aragones work as a child. We used to rush home to Murphy’s house when his subscription to Mad was due to arrive. His mom, a school teacher, would “edit” aka cut out, draw over, or generally deface the “inapproprate cartoons” because of Murphy’s little sister. It was Aragones work that usually got “edited”. Thanks for the reminder of simpler days. Time to get some copies of his books at the used book store and warp my son’s sense of humor a bit more.

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