A Little Back Door Action.

So one of my usual morning routines is to open the back door and let the cat out for his daily play date. On occasion the tiny neighborhood dog, Monty, has found his way in and can be heard munching out of the cat bowls. So when I heard the clickety clack of paws this morning I arose to return Monty to his owner, only to find that it wasn’t him at all, but an enormous coyote! In my kitchen! A kitchen coyote! Fortunately, he took off when he saw me and all animals are still accounted for, but my cat has not been able to lose the expression of “What. The hell. Was that?!” Sorry, pal. No more open door policies.

Not actual kitchen coyote.


1 Comment

  1. My cousin in Denver has a slightly tubby, crazy little chihauaha she won’t let outside because she’s worried about wild coyotes eating her – I thought she was crazy at first, but now…

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